måndag, mars 31

The 90s: Agent Scully

The 90s are represented by my old childhood heroine, agent Scully of The X Files! Studying her makep after becoming a retrophile, I realise how classical it is, though done in the earth hues of the 90s.
Face: The skin is supposed to be rather porcelain-pale, I think, so on with the foundation! Otherwise nothing fancy, no sculpting that I could detect.
Blusher: I used a discreet neutral rosy-earthy hue and applied in in a quite wide area mostly underneath the cheekbones. Absolutely no highlighter or bronzer - this is a matte, elegant look.
Eyebrows: I used my usual brown eyebrow pencil to softly fill in the brows. These are not the angular precision brows so common these days, these are natural, softly rounded brows and almost the same thickness all the way. I rounded mine and didn't fill in their natural angles.
Eyes: Use two hues of matte, beige eyeshadow: a pale nude all over the lids and a slightly darker beige or brown one to create or emphasise the globe line. I think the globe shadow is thicker and more emphasised towards the inner corner of the eyebrows and the root of the nose, to create a slightly "sad" or "vulnerable" look. The globe-line shadow has to be very soft and discreet, unlike last week's Takarazuka makeup where it's almost like an eyeliner line!
The eyes are framed, but softly, absolutely no liquid black eyeliner! I used a brown pencil (actually my eyebrow pencil) all around the eyes, thinly around the inner half and a little more thickly around the outer half, with just the smallest hint a hint of a wing. I then curled my lashes and put on mascara, not too thickly. I used my regular black mascara but brown would work fine too, as this is a soft and understated look. I guess you could add some very fine and discreet separate fake lashes for added length, but be careful so you don't get too much volume or heaviness.
Lips: The lipstick looks almost completely brown, but then I think the reference picture I used is quite desaturated, almost a little sepia-toned. Anyway, brown lipstick is just right for the 90s! I first applied the reddish-brown "Cinnamon Spice" from Wet N Wild, found it too red and applied the cool-toned brown, almost more purple than red, "Mocha-licious" on top. ("Mocha-licious" alone is not a good pick for my pale, cool skin tone, it's such a cool brown it completely drains my face. It was probably made for a warmer, darker skin tone, maybe olive?) My lips still look too red in the picture, but cameras tend to exagerrate red hues (and flatten out all their nuances, which is why it's so hard to compare red makeup swatches!) I also rounded off my naturally angular Cupid's bow a bit.


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Mirjam sa...

ÅH vad glad jag blir att du är tillbaka! Förresten är du intresserad av en flaska Miller Harris Rien?

Solander sa...

Hej Mirjam, kul att någon hänger med fortfarande! Mitt prov av L'air de rien är slut så jag är absolut intresserad av en flaska.

Mirjam sa...

Du får hemskt gärna maila mig på stfelony@hotmail.com
Jag ÄLSKAR din blogg och har läst om den i brist på nytt