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The 80s: Nina Hagen

The 80s in my makeup history series is represented by the one and only Nina Hagen, who wore lots of different interesting makeups but usually some version of extreme, elfish winged eyeliner and dark lipstick used to alter the lip shape. A good thing about this makeup is that it's not supposed to be neat! I'm not a very neat person and don't have the patience for perfect precision makeup.
Face: Hagen looks quite pale and probably used lots of light powder, so I did too. For a more extreme version, white face paint might be used.
Blusher: The hot pink or fuchsia blusher is applied in fierce streaks on top of the cheekbones and deliberately not blended. The shape is supposed to be almost rectangular, as though you applied the blusher with a wide paintbrush. I used Sleek "Flamingo".
Eyebrows: The eyebrows are fun! They're filled in with black pencil, not too neatly, and then an additional wing almost like a smudge or streak is added. Looks pretty animalic to me.
Eyes: A pink eyeshadow is applied quite thinly, not as thickly as the blusher. I think it's supposed to go all the way up to the eyebrows but I missed that and only painted my lids. It then goes straight through the eyebrows in a line up towards the temples, all the way to the hairline. The angle should probably match the angle of the blusher, which mine doesn't quite.
Around the eyes I used wet black eyeshadow, but an ordinary eyeliner pencil woul work used as well. Just paint it on quite thickly all the way round the eyes and then do a prolonged, exaggerated cat's eye up past the eyebrows actually (mine is too short). I then used black eyeliner pencil on my waterline to really frame the eyes and get that fierce look, and black mascara (without using a curler).
Lips: The Cupid's bow is obviously exaggerated quite a bit, while the upper lip is painted slightly thinner than it is towards the corners of the mouth. The purple lipstick I used was Wet N Wild "Ravin Raisin", a matte, with some of the metallic Nyx "Orpheus" on top for shine.
Right, the only thing remaining is to dye the hair hot pink, and add a picture of the gorgeous Hagen herself.

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