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The 70s: Klaus Nomi

For the 70s (actually late 70s - early 80s) I picked the iconic look of Klaus Nomi. I was surprised at how much this makeup style altered my face, compared to the previous ones! I find it flattering, in an unearthly sort of way.
Face: The face could be completely whitened using stage makeup, but I just put on a thick layer of my fairest foundation. I didn't bother with the hair, but I did alter the hairline using eye pencil, something I learnt I should have done for the Takarazuka makeup as well!
Eyebrows: For the proper Nomi look, the eyebrows should be shaved off or professionally covered. I just put some foundation and concealer on top of my blond brows. I then used black pencil to paint on tiny little elfish or insect-like brows, following the outer contour of my natural ones from the root of the nose upwards.
Eyes: Nomi's signature eye makeup is a very extreme version of the globeline shadow, using black eyeshadow (sometimes a bit of red as well I think). Don't blend to much - it's supposed to be crisp and contrast-y. At first I didn't have anything on my lids except foundation, but as the black eyeshadow smudged I used some white eyeshadow to counter it. I then used some of the same black eyeshadow underneath my eyes along the lower lashline and black eyeliner on the waterline all around the eyes. Don't use any eyeliner on the outside of the upper lashes as that will give a completely different look!
A little mascara to darken the lashes, not lengthen or thicken them, but I think that might have been a mistake. I'm not sure Nomi wears any mascara actually. Don't if you have naturally dark and thick lashes - it's important that the eyes are not framed along the upper lid as that will not give the right round-eyed look.
Lips: The Cupid's bow is exaggerated into sharp points and the lower lip drawn just slightly more square than natural. The lipstick I used is Illamasqua "Pristine", which is probably the best black lipstick on the market, completely matte and dry with enough coverage and staying power for such an extreme colour.

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